Real Gardening For Goodness’ Sake

August 21st, 2009

People often seem confused when I tell them that I am a professional gardener. They understand the title landscape or garden designer and are familiar with guys that mow lawns and blow leaves around. But apparently my job description is baffling.
I spend time with plants and play in the dirt. I trim, rake, hoe and dig. I take out dead plants and replace them with new ones. I sit with clients, staring at an open hillside, deciding what kind of tree would be most appropriate for the site. This is what I call honest to goodness gardening.
My parent’s house, where they have lived for thirty years, has a big, wild backyard. My dad loves to spend time outside fussing with the yard or just sitting and staring at the giant cacti and bamboo that surround the space. We spent a lot of time in the backyard growing up. Dad would put us to work raking leaves or planting cuttings of succulents from friend’s yards. In college, I became involved in a student run organic vegetable garden. I found that getting my hands in the soil helped me cope with the pressures of college life. We did a lot with that little piece of land. We had vegetable beds, a ‘permaculture’ area of perennial edibles, a natural farming plot where we experimented with the techniques of the legendary Japanese farmer Masanobu Fukouka and a California native plant border. I was hooked. There was so much to know and explore.
Now, ten years later, I am putting my knowledge of plants to work. I have assembled a small crew of friends and associates to help me design, build and maintain landscapes of all kinds. My personal specialty is pruning. I have spent several years studying fruit trees, so pruning and caring for fruit trees is one of Full Circle’s special services. But overall what we are is a company of real gardeners- for goodness’ sake.


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