Spring Blooms

March 19th, 2010

Peach BlossomsSpring is in full swing here in Southern California. We finally had a year with at least some decent rain and now its effects are starting to show. I went to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree last week and the desert was absolutely beautiful. The wildflowers were just starting to bloom and the palm canyons in Palm Springs were literally lush.

Being a fruit tree person, one of my favorite things is the ephemeral but stunning display of blossoms put out by the peaches, plums, apples and other deciduous fruit trees. The early varieties started blooming at the end of February and now more and more peaches are blooming around town. It is so beautiful. These blooms really say seasonal interest to me. When a whole tree is in bloom it really does take your breath away. Sure, it doesn’t last forever, but those few spectacular weeks of flowers wouldn’t be so special if they weren’t so brief.

Being a gardener I feel closely tied to the seasons here. I really enjoy seeing the subtle and not so subtle changes our seasons bring. As the days are lengthening and the weather warms, plants are starting to grow really fast. Which means, I have to get back out to the garden, there’s lots to do.


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