This simple pruning job involved trimming back and shaping several trees that had grown over and into a walkway. Now the walkway is useable again and the trees look much better.

Many shrubs and trees benefit from occasional pruning. Pruning encourages new growth, provides shape and structure and can improve overall plant health. It can also make a tired landscape look new again. Simply by gently shaping a tree, a garden can go from looking unkempt and overgrown into a more well defined, aesthetically pleasing space. We provide skillful pruning of a wide variety of plants, with a specialty in fruit trees and native California plants.

Many fruit trees such as apples, plums, peaches, nectarines and apricots, need regular pruning to bear high quality fruit. In addition, you can manage the size of a fruit tree through pruning. A peach tree doesn’t have to be twenty feet high. It is much better to keep it’s height within your reach for easy picking.

Full Circle Gardening also offers corrective pruning for shrubs and trees that have been pruned badly in the past. Sadly, there are many plants out there that bear the scars of a bad pruning job. Often, this can be corrected and the plant can be given a more natural shape. Depending on the situation, this may take several visits to ultimately correct. But the plants will look better and be healthier.

We offer pruning services for shrubs and trees up to 15 feet. For larger trees, we recommend a certified arborist. You can find an arborist at


We offer advice on a wide variety of horticulture and landscape matters. Some people want to make over their yards themselves but simplay want a little professional guidance to get them started. Others want input on whether to remove an aging tree or where to start a compost pile. We provide patient, detailed guidance for any garden issue large or small.


Full Circle offers specialized maintenance services. We do not use any gas powered tools, preferring a quiet and slow approach. We do not maintain turf or lawn of any kind. Our clients with lawns usually have “mow and blow” gardeners in addition to our services.

Our team provides detailed garden maintenance, trimming, weeding, mulching and planting with care. We offer monthly maintenance as well as more seasonal arrangements, depending on the landscape and our client’s needs.